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The 1st CRH testing train drives into Yancheng
100 firefighters rush to the rescue of Shouguan...
Promotion Conference of Implementing Projects o...
The first 12 Forest Towns are selected
The 3rd People’s Livelihood Forum is held by Y...
Yancheng’s 3 projects win awards in the Chuang...
Leaders of All China Federation of Supply and M...
Cao Lubao investigates the Jianjun Road Busines...
Overseas High-level Talents’ Visit to Jiangsu ...

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Located to the north Shanghai, bordering the Yellow Sea and in the middle of coastal Jiangsu Province, the City of Yancheng is one of the 13 cities under the direct administration of Jiangsu Province. It is also a major coastal city of Jiangsu Province, and the most vigorous modern business city to the north of Changjiang River Delta. Under the jurisdiction of Yancheng City, there is 1 county l... [more]
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